The Cyst – Fizza Abbas


If I could poke the yolk

of a fried egg,


or sprinkle a pinch of salt

around the albumen,


I would tell him, my skin tastes salty.


Instead, I handed myself to the body,

thick, sticky mucus marks my newfound respect

for two elastic bags

they fondly call lungs


I ask you finally,

will you help me leave my DNA in the world

before they call it a deed



Fizza Abbas (Portrait Photograph)Fizza Abbas is a Freelance Content Writer based in Karachi, Pakistan. She is fond of poetry and music. Her works have been published at many platforms including Indiana Voice Journal and Poetry Pacific.


The most difficult jigsaw – Jen Anderson


Each piece must be compared

for size, shape and colour:

turn ninety degrees and look

and turn and look again.

Repeat until our interlocking lines

are impossible to distinguish.

With respect to each other

we are equally spaced;

without respect it is obvious

who fits in on top.

What makes our puzzle so difficult?

All sides are cut from the same picture.

But we are double-sided and

believe me, this is only half the story.


bio-cropJen Anderson studied English Literature and Creative Writing at Lancaster University before graduating in July 2016 and moving back home to Suffolk. She is an aspiring novelist, current affairs blogger and member of The Writing Squad. Her work was recently published in Manchester’s Now Then Magazine. You can follow her on Twitter @jennejy and read her blog at