The status of Pluto – Kieran Rundle


“Pluto is no longer a planet.”

You whispered it to me, a venomous secret,

while we laid on the pillow of fresh mowed grass

and examined the velvet void consuming the sky above us,

admiring the warriors against the dark,

the blanket of 100 billion gold and white fires.


“It doesn’t really affect your life.”

Your secret stunned me in my midnight haze.

Why were we trying to limit the icy chaos of a world

to fit a structure that our hypocritical organization deemed worthy

when it is well over 100 billion yards away?


“It’s now a dwarf planet.”

The moondust pirouetted above our eyelashes,

moth wings fluttered with the anxiety

of pinning astronomical entities to a corkboard

and then removing them when someone exacts

a modern definition

that excludes something 100 million years old.


“It didn’t lose exclusivity, but gained an epithet!”

You tried to console my lightning reactions.

Pluto was simply too deemed too small for its status now.

It would never be told. It would exist in ignorance.

How bitter science can be to something that we deem small,

but is over 100 kilometers wide?


“It’s funny, how quickly things change.”

Nothing had changed.

Torchlights in the sky can monitor over 100 billion of our years.

We see the farthest ones as they were over 100 minutes ago.

I shuddered, watching the sky die,

and we were too concerned with demoting Pluto.


“The status of Pluto” first appeared in Volume Four of Sincerely Magazine.


kr2016Kieran Rundle, a high school student, is the owner and editor-in-chief for Sincerely Magazine LLC. She is on the staff for Miracle Magazine, and has worked for three years as an upper editor on Albemarle High School’s Literary Magazine. She is an award winning artist, poet, prose writer, and playwright. Her work can be found in a plethora of places including Charlottesville Area Transit Busses, The UVA Special Collections Library, Quail Bell Online Magazine, and the Crossroads III Anthology.  She is also an avid theatre kid, cat lover, stargazer, cookie eater, and chocolate addict. Find her at