Affonso, Georgia – Red brick rondeau

Allison, Lydia – Diana and Harriet

Anderson, Jen – The most difficult jigsaw

Antoinette, Arlene – Losing Mum

Armstrong, Glen – The Bedside Book of Renewal

Arnold, Sandra – Eustace



Balagopal, Sudha – Darjeeling

Ball, Ray – Azarquiel Bridge, Toledo

Bane, Charles Jr – And Then At Times

Barbare, Danny P. – Two poems of hope

Bennett, Jon – Mushrooms and Onions

Benning-Prince, Amira – Spring

Birch, J V – Balinese pool

Boon, Carl – Prunus Pumila and Ode to Bishop

Bower, Rachel – WaitingCherries and New Beginnings

Busler, Ray – First Available Cousin

Butcher, Jonathan – Weekend and Choking



Christianson, Kersten – raven’s eye. for vivian and Da Eye Wifey / Woods Number 1

Corcos, Ion – Chrisi AktiThe Moon and Earthworms

Crate, Linda M. – keep your pomegranates

Crick, Natalie – The Moon’s CallTomatoes and Spider

Cuttle, Jade – The River



Danowsky, Mark – The Return TripTropical Air and Power Out, Summer

Davis Martin, Jackie – When The Wind Came Up

DeHart, JD – Haybalers

Delicato, Claudia – Number 12 and Number 13

Devitt, Maurice – A Slow News DaySinister and Two Women at a Window

Diaz, James – Comparing Scars and The Things No One Prepared You For

Dix, Danielle – Kharon’s Glimmer and Another Thing

Dragojlov, Sanja – The Owl

Dronsfield, Ken Allan – The Ebb and Flow and Respite



Eifrig, Fritz – when in april… and solstice song

Eskilson, Christopher – Erebus

Evans, Bronya – My first letter to you



Flanagan, Ryan Quinn – Cabin Fever Poem #437Sartre Building an Ant Farm Out of Company Sand and The Time that Land Forgot

Flynn, John Michael – Pumpkin Breath and Homage To An Avuncular Neighbor



Garrett, Kate – Losing interest in the sound of petrichor and Hand-me-downs

Gibson, Elizabeth – Map logic

Goode, Melissa – Everything bright and illuminated

Grayhurst, Allison – Child Unconceived and Walking

Grey, John – FireBaliThe searchersHow I arrived at who I am and Over the fence

Griffith, Michael A. – New Haven



Hanson, Jessica – Under and gone and What I could do, but won’t

Havers, Roma – The red suitcaseNatural disaster and Unfinished breakfast

Henderson, Katherine – Daily devotion



Iannucci, Nancy – The Day After



Jani, Seth – Lotus Pond

Johnson, Caitlin – Taxonomy and Botanica

Jones, Ali – Favourite and Cityscape



Kanev, Peycho – Jellyfish and Right About Now

Kennett, Ella – Vessel and Hillside

Knapp, Rose – Wok Pak Archillect

Kuntz, Len – The History Of Their Handprints and The Welder’s Song



LeMaître, Meredith – Ballet Studio, June Evening

Leone, Francesca – A different girlThe beauty of you and Looking at your pictures…

Lewington, Katie – Picture thisThe blank page and Exam conditions

LoFrumento, Catherine – Long Distance

Luftig, Richard – Fishing at midnight



Mahalingam, Udit – Door

Martin, Lorna – Poem in which I am a Swarm of Cicadas and Holding a Séance to Contact the Dead Guinea Pigs

McNerney, Joan – Scarves

Miller, Ray – A Day Unresolved

Mitchell, Mark J. – Prophetess in the Wrong Time and Rondeau Beginning With a Line From the Gospel of Judas

Mossop, Stephen – Silly Love Songs #1



Ottley Wyatt, Abigail Elizabeth – Wabi SabiOn Memory and Lady Convolvulus



Pelgrift, Robert – The PainterThe Trawl and The Emerald Tide

Perkins II, Richard King – Warmest Tangerine and Slow Clapping

Piatt, James G. – Vacation Is Beginning

Poussin, Fabrice B. – Tickling Heaven



Roselli, AM – dark magic and dogeared inspiration

Rundle, Kieran – The status of Pluto and An honest request



Schwartz, Iris N. – Nickeled-and-Dimed

Sepe, Chrissi – Reel Life

Sexton, Claire – Something else and The lost art of making friends

Sledmere, Maria – Sid and CassieScattered ashes and Winning the tombola

Smith, Zach – The Easter Bunny on a Glass Elevator Going Down

Sorestad, Glen – Ascending from Vilenica Cavern



Tabaka, Ann Christine – ImaginationSpanish lace and The loom of life

Todd, Sharon – Little ship



White, Lynn – Dragonfly and Void



Zickgraf, Catherine – Clothespole and Neighborhood