Abbas, Fizza – Bonfire and The Cyst

Affonso, Georgia – Red brick rondeau

Albanese, Joe – How I love and Rumble Rumble

Allison, Lydia – Diana and Harriet

Alport, Edward – How to See a Ghost, Exmouth and Another Word for a Stopped Watch

Anderson, Jen – The most difficult jigsaw

Antoinette, Arlene – Losing MumOf Wind and RainCaterpillarWings and The Rose Trees are in Bloom

Armand, David – Cologne

Armstrong, Candace – Storm Warfare

Armstrong, Glen – The Bedside Book of Renewal

Arnold, Sandra – Eustace

Avery, Anne Louise – Higashi-Koenji 東高円寺

Ayling, Oak – A Stone and Fox Cubs



Balagopal, Sudha – Darjeeling

Ball, Ray – Azarquiel Bridge, Toledo and A Discourse on Motion

Bane, Charles Jr – And Then At Times

Banyard, Ben – FreshersConcentration and Death in Spring

Barbare, Danny P. – Two poems of hope

Barker, Beth – The Spider

Barton, Cath – Bees make honey and Pumpkin pie

Behan, Daniel Tobias – Love Of Mine, You, Riverdawn and The Tree

Bennett, Jon – Mushrooms and Onions

Benning-Prince, Amira – Spring

Berry, Robert James – The Piano

Beveridge, Robert – Chocolate, Tornado and The tender pines

Beynon, Byron – View from Ferryside and Watching waves

Birch, J V – Balinese poolBlackberrying and Bird watching

Bishop, Julian – The Argument Of His Painting and Francis Ecstatic

Bluestein, paul – Beyond the clouds and The Before and After

Boon, Carl – Prunus Pumila and Ode to Bishop

Bower, Rachel – WaitingCherries and New Beginnings

Breitweiser, Tammy L. – diner

Brownstein, Michael H. – The day the rain finally cameYears later, we drive home and Come stay with me and be my night

Burchell, Graham – Pinjarra and Me

Busler, Ray – First Available Cousin

Butcher, Jonathan – Weekend and Choking



Caie, Cat – Patchwork Candle

Cardoza, Dan A. – The Conspiracy

Carey, Lorraine – Traces

Carone, Antoinette – Appearance

Cartwright, Hugh – Beyond the Tree Line

Celia, Rhianne – Hearts and Bear

Changming, Yuan – Copse

Christianson, Kersten – raven’s eye. for vivian and Da Eye Wifey / Woods Number 1

Coggins, Darrell – Soon the Drift of Dusk

Coles, Kitty – Occurrences

Comito, Sara – Buried

Cooley, Linnea – The Stars

Corcos, Ion – Chrisi AktiThe MoonEarthwormsPacific Black Duck and fisherman

Cosgrove, Charlotte – In the Archives and Compassion for the Undertaker

Crate, Linda M. – keep your pomegranates and burning bright

Crick, Natalie – The Moon’s CallTomatoes and Spider

Crossen, Carys – How to Photograph a Mirror

Culshaw, Gareth – Picking up lost leaves, A fist lost and The prints you laid

Cuttle, Jade – The River



Daemon, Daun – Parkour and Close Calls

Danowsky, Mark – The Return TripTropical Air and Power Out, Summer

Davis Martin, Jackie – When The Wind Came Up

Day, Holly – The First Year Out and When Summer Comes

DeHart, JD – Haybalers and Coy

Delicato, Claudia – Number 12 and Number 13

Devitt, Maurice – A Slow News DaySinister, Two Women at a Window and Parental Guidance

Devlin, Diana – Dumbarton High StreetPostcard from Fiesole and olio d’oliva

Dey, Chandan – Spending a Day with an Uncanny Nature and Murky Valley

Díaz Barriga, Sebastián – Wind spell and A fabulous game called “love”

Diaz, James – Comparing Scars and The Things No One Prepared You For

Dix, Danielle – Kharon’s Glimmer and Another Thing

Doreski, William – Along the Gridley River and Glass Man

Downs, Hannah – Sun against Moonspill

Dragojlov, Sanja – The Owl

Dronsfield, Ken Allan – The Ebb and FlowRespiteLyrical Swells and Sleep With Dead Grass



Egan, Kieran – Distracting photographA wounded goose and Too late?

Eifrig, Fritz – when in april… and solstice song

Eskilson, Christopher – Erebus

Evans, Bronya – My first letter to you

Evans, Tammy L. – Consequences of Salt

Eycott, Andy – White Butterflies



Flanagan, Ryan Quinn – Cabin Fever Poem #437Sartre Building an Ant Farm Out of Company Sand and The Time that Land Forgot

Flynn, John Michael – Pumpkin Breath and Homage To An Avuncular Neighbor

Ford, Nigel F. – Another lifeServitude and Desire

Fullagar, Peter – A Wave in the Ocean

Fulwood, Neil – Cromarty, 29 April 2019 and Haze



Garrett, Kate – Losing interest in the sound of petrichor and Hand-me-downs

Garth, Kristin – Hooked and The Lonely Unicorn

Gaskill, Yvonne – Grief

Geoghegan, Raine – The Strawberry Gel

Gethin, Rebecca – CrepuscularSeven sleeper/thruddle-crump/hazel mouseWhat the wind said, Skomer, Secret life of seals and Choughs

Gibson, Elizabeth – Map logic, Octopus dusk, How it was and Carnota

Gillette, Diane D. – Who I’m Really Thinking About When My Grandaughter Assumes I’m Missing Her Grandfather and Gives Me that Soft-Sweet Look

Goode, Melissa – Everything bright and illuminated

Goodwin, Mark – don’t and all

Goughnour, Kara – Daily Dreaming and Peach Pit

Grayhurst, Allison – Child Unconceived and Walking

Greenslade, Isabel – Souvenir and A Dream of Flying Over My Childhood Home

Grey, John – FireBaliThe searchersHow I arrived at who I amOver the fenceThe night journeyRiparian zoneI have yet to attend a funeral where it didn’t rainCabin life, Horses on the hill and Downtown after the offices let out

Griffith, Michael A. – New Haven

Guerreiro Lourenço, Miguel – First day of winter

Guzzi, Deborah – The Sun and the Moon DanceWorlds ApartJammed in ProvenceColorful Combinations and Stormy Weather.



Hanson, Jessica – Under and gone and What I could do, but won’t

Hariharan, Trivarna – In Autumn and Spring

Harrison, Emily – The Phone Call

Hartsuyker, Candace – The Crows

Havers, Roma – The red suitcaseNatural disaster and Unfinished breakfast

Haydon, Ceinwen E. Cariad – Village Ceilidh 1922 and Walking the Dales Way in Autumn

Henderson, Katherine – Daily devotion

Holbrook, Margaret – Helianthus and Echinoderms

Hubbard, Glenn – A Summer’s Afternoon in Castile and The Beach of the Cathedrals

Hulme, Sarah – I want



Iannucci, Nancy – The Day After

Idelevich, Anna – You’re so cool

Imbler, Linda – Dreaming of Dog

Ismail, Rahana K – Palm Civet

Iuppa, M.J. – Myth-MakingAlong the Way and Human, Somehow



James, Samuel W. – Brick and An Almost Empty City

Jani, Seth – Lotus Pond

Janssen, Marc – A Chapel of Sunflowers and Baskett Slough III

Johnson, Caitlin – Taxonomy and Botanica

Jones, Ali – FavouriteCityscapeAfter DarkStairfootTravellerTurn the Wheel, Metamorphosis and Confessions

Joseph, Jeffrey – Breakfast Club



Kanev, Peycho – Jellyfish and Right About Now

Kelly, Elisabeth – Before

Kennett, Ella – Vessel and Hillside

King, Margaret – Día logues

Kingsnorth, Stephen – Preserved and Sunlight

Knapp, Rose – Wok Pak Archillect

Komarnyckyj, Steve – Lexicon and Oak

Krieger, Don – The Wren on the Sidewalk

Krikler, Angelica – Fight or flight

Kuntz, Len – The History Of Their Handprints and The Welder’s Song



LeMaître, Meredith – Ballet Studio, June Evening and Blood Tendrils

Leone, Francesca – A different girlThe beauty of you and Looking at your pictures…

Lewington, Kate – Picture thisThe blank page, Exam conditions and BITS

Lewis, Rachel – Last OneIthaca and Separation

Lloyd, Demi – Morning cat, Time travelling in a coffee shop and Interior design for fools

LoFrumento, Catherine – Long DistanceDying River and Starstruck

Luftig, Richard – Fishing at midnight and The Laws of Physics



Maolalai, DS – Hot as a log and Flowers and night-time flowers

Martin, Jayne – Pinky Swear and Fissures

Martin, Lorna – Poem in which I am a Swarm of Cicadas and Holding a Séance to Contact the Dead Guinea Pigs

Mc Carthy, Ted – Rainfall, Highfield, Days and El Dorado

McCarthy, Geraldine – A Storm in My Heart, The Fortune-Teller and Perfect Surfaces

McNerney, Joan – Scarves

McQueen, Spangle – EvaI wish I’d studied palaeontologyOver and where we are

Mead, Stephen – Drinking You InYes, I Can Hear What You Are and Hush

Meade, Gordon – Silver Fox, Sweden, 2010

Metcalfe, Rebecca – Coldharbour Lane, Canvey Island and The Rainham Diver

Michael, Jessica – Siren and Soft Landing

Miller, Ray – A Day Unresolved

Mitchell, Mark J. – Prophetess in the Wrong Time and Rondeau Beginning With a Line From the Gospel of Judas

Moller, Roy – Bed Against the Partition and On Blueberry Hill

Molloy, Julia – After Me

moon, lou – A Meeting in Dyrham

Moran, Gillian – Daphne

Morgan, Jade – Frosted petals

Morley, Pene – Yellow Ribbons

Moroney, Jenny – Boxed Dusk

Mossop, Stephen – Silly Love Songs #1

Mueller, Leah – Final Swim at Warren Dunes

Muetzelfeldt, Laura – A Problem Shared

Mullen, Paul Robert – supernatural

Muro, John – Swallows, Song and Starlings



Nowell, Andrew – Verona and Witchcraft



O’Brien, Beth – Plastic Wing Beats3:18am and Afterthought

Owen, Antony – Childlessness



Patient, Hannah – Granada

Pedone, Ann – A Few Very Speculative Ideas About Language, Bewildered and A short lecture On the female body, and Other beautiful Things

Pelgrift, Robert – The PainterThe TrawlThe Emerald TideWickham’s CrickSunset Paths and The Play’s the Thing

Percy, Anna – Sleep Revolutions

Perkins II, Richard King – Warmest Tangerine and Slow Clapping

Piatt, James G. – Vacation Is Beginning, Images and Fragrances, My Final Walk in the Woods, Her Love Has Faded Away and I Have Walked This Path Before

Pobo, Kenneth – Gone

Potter, Martin – Imperfect Shelter, Sight of a Night Otter, oakfruit, Passing Colours, seals’ dreamtime, fog fall and foliage hatching

Potts, Laura – Alma Mater and Yesterday Calling

Poussin, Fabrice B. – Tickling Heaven

Prendergast, Alfie – Lacuna

Press, Tony – Outside the window



Reily, Lisa – Balinese CremationMissing YouJacks, remember, dog love and always yours

Rhinehart, Linda – Arizona Spring and Belated Farewells

Richardson, Susan – Rose Tinted GlassesMorning SongHonest HandsEarthquake and Unwavering, Reluctant Diver

Rimmer, Belinda – Belly Button

Riyeff, Jacob – Bogquilt

Roberts, James P. – Lichen

Roselli, AM – dark magic and dogeared inspiration

Ross, Anna – Chronos and 70 Seconds

Ruleman, William – A Black Forest Sojourn and One Evening in Freiburg

Rundle, Kieran – The status of Pluto and An honest request

Ryan, Kerry – Ghosts in the Nursery



Sasa, Christiana – Living with parents

Schwartz, Iris N. – Nickeled-and-Dimed

Scott, Finola – School run Lenzie Moss

Sepe, Chrissi – Reel Life

Sexton, Claire – Something elseThe lost art of making friendsMan in the houseFear of flying and other forays into the unknownMusings on my 49th birthday and my eccentric, slightly worn-out body and She stops and says

Sharma, Krishna – Door and Pomfret Pillars (For Chennai)

Shaw, Claire – Gaia’s Song

Sheldon, Tyler Robert – Salamander Dream

Short, John – Life with a View

Sikazwe, Gerry – Side By Side

Sledmere, Maria – Sid and CassieScattered ashes and Winning the tombola

Smith, Zach – The Easter Bunny on a Glass Elevator Going Down

Snedden, Kristy – The Wave and Soft W

Sorestad, Glen – Ascending from Vilenica Cavern and Late September Morning

Stojcic, Bojana – Breathless, Once in a blue moon and The Moons’s surface



Tabaka, Ann Christine – ImaginationSpanish laceThe loom of life and Creation Story

Thind, Sunita – Bio-luminescent Creatures Of The Deep

Thompson, Don – Synesthesia Among Wildflowers, Three Quatrains and Hush

Todd, Sharon – Little ship

Torrey, Ahrend – Drifting

Totterdell, Mark – SwallowArgonaut and Old sludge beds

Translateur, Steven – Spectacular Toaster

Trivett, Alyssa – Garage Cobwebs



Walker, Claire – Jet

Walker, Heather – Fluttering

Walker, Louise – Longwood

Waring, Paul – Days Lie In Waitthe other side of nowheresaving a shellSequoias And Storms and Fox

Watts, Anthony – Foal, Concierto de Aranjuez and King’s Cliff Wood

White, Lynn – DragonflyVoidThe Hoopoes Are Back and Newt

Whitehead, Kate – The Plaque

Whiting, Megan – Giving to Charity

Wilford, Louise – RainSunset in OctoberWe Will Not Wander MoreThe Good Girl, Competition, As she waits for news of her son and When

Writer-Davies, Gareth – Water



Zickgraf, Catherine – Clothespole and Neighborhood