Thank you for your interest in Foxglove! We would love to read your work.

We accept…

Poetry: between two and six poems of no more than 60 lines each.

Fiction: 200 – 600 words per submission (for example, you could send one 600-word story or two 300-word flash fiction pieces).

Please only send one submission at a time (i.e. either a poetry submission or a fiction submission). We will get back to you as soon as possible, hopefully within six weeks.

Themes we enjoy include nature, travel, change, time, memory and human relationships. Writing that could be seen to promote smoking, drug abuse or animal cruelty will not be accepted, nor will undertones of misogyny or any other prejudice.

For more on what we look for in submissions, check out our interview at Six Questions For.


Please accompany your work with your biography, written in third-person and in no more than 150 words.

We usually publish an author portrait photograph beside your biography, so do have that prepared for if you are accepted.

To submit work you can either use the form below or email

We look forward to reading your work!